1033 & 1035 S. Lincoln Ave

Aurora, IL 60505


Calla Lily Salon and spa in Aurora

where ​​​It's all about you!

We recommend;

1-2 weeks prior to your wedding date do...

  • a facial for a radiant glow
  • a finishing touches back facial for your backless dress
  • ​practice your wedding day style
  • practice your wedding day make up​

3-4 days prior to your wedding date do...

  • a fresh brow shaping
  • a manicure and pedicure

​​Why get regular facials?

An extraordinary salon and spa experience.

The Calla Lily Salon and spa is dedicated to the refinement of your own personal style with grace, elegance and beauty.​ Calla Lily Salon, Spa and Bridal Room is located in quite Montgomery/Aurora along the Fox River. A little out of the way but worth the visit. 

CL skin's Normalizing Daily Moisturizer will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and healthy.

Combination, Normal, Dry

Monday, Tuesday,

Thursday & Friday 9-8

Wednesday 9-6
Saturday 8-4
Sunday - closed

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Normalizing Daily Moisturizer

Bring balance back to your skin…

This mid-weight moisturizer hydrates without feeling heavy. A delicate blend of coconut oil, blueberry seed oil and pumpkin seed oil enhanced with carrot seed oil, peru balsam, rose oil and sandalwood.

Pumpkin Seed oil has powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids to retain moisture and maintain normal cell structure. High amounts of zinc and vitamin E to improve skin tone, help wounds heal more rapidly, fight acne and help with skin renewal.
Blueberry Seed oil is light, greaseless, and absorbs quickly into skin. It is perfect for sensitive skin as it’s naturally restoring, helping to support cell and tissue repair. Blueberry is said to be a good ingredient for treating skin that has been damaged by chemotherapy and radiation burns, helping to speed up healing.