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What color is your hair?

Color plays a big roll in the final outcome.

  • Dark hair doesn’t look as full as lighter hair and Highlights add more texture. It’s easier for darker hair to look more sleek and shiny than lighter hair.
  • Lighter hair is easier to show all the movement and texture of an upstyle.

Here at the Calla Lily Salon and Bridal Room we finish all upstyles with 
Shine Addict to ensure that your hair looks shiny and healthy.

Perfect wedding hair

Fine and thin

  • If your hair is very fine and thin and your dreaming of a “Snookie” bump and large volume then you will need to add in some clip in extensions. Product and styling tools can only do so much.

Curly hair

  • Curly hair must be tamed! Allow for an extended appointment time to flat ironing before we curl. It is impossible to get the ultra smooth effect on curly hair with out lots of product like our Curl Addict and Redken’s Hot Sets to hold and control the curl in a smooth texture.

Course Hair

  • Course hair like curly hair may take extra time to tame. Often courser hair is very difficult to get totally smooth, so pick something that has more texture and movement to allow the hair to hold some of it’s natural state.

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Long Heavy Hair

  • And the most difficult the long heavy hair that is hard to pin up. It is not impossible to upstyle heavy hair as long as you are realistic in the achievable style. Heavy hair does not hold lots of tiny curls well! We have to use up that hair somewhere. I recommend braids, knotting and twists to use up the length and then use your ends to create beautiful curls.

Picture below was very heavy long hair!

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Nothing is impossible if you understand your hair type and a realistic, achievable goal. Here at the Calla Lily we customize your look to match your occasion and your dress! You are our #1 priority.

Calla Lily Brides pictured.

Written by: Tonya