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Written by AnMarie 

Pre-Bridal Skin Care

How often should I be getting facials before my wedding?

Depending on the issues you are wanting to address, dryness, acne scaring etc. we recommend doing regular facials so that your esthetician can keep an eye on your skin and see if any problems arise so you can start taking care of it sooner.

Is at home skin care important?

It is one of the most important steps with your bridal look. For you to look your best on your big day you need to maintain a regular skin care routine in-between your facial visits. We recommend using a cleanser, toner, moisturizer every morning and evening as well as a scrub and mask once a week. Also, don’t forget to take time for yourself and relax. The busy planning adds more stress to your plate which can lead to breakouts which leads to more stress.

I have acne scaring that I need help with, what type of facial should I do?

For acne scaring I would recommend our Signature Facial because it gives the esthetician time to do a full analysis of your skin and determine what route and which products to use. During this facial you will get to try our gentle pumpkin enzyme that exfoliates the skin and helps diminish the appearance of acne scarring. I have found that 6 consistent sessions of the Signature facial (each about 2-3 weeks apart) has done wonders for acne scarring. When you do more consistent facials, the esthetician can increase the strength of the enzyme with speeds up the fading of the scars.

What about current breakouts or what if I staring breaking out before the wedding?

One of our all-time favorite fix for breakouts is our Complexion Repair Breakout Serum. Use it as a spot treatments for stubborn breakouts or all over a serum. Either way it will help soothe the sensitive spot and create a barrier between your skin and the outside world, protecting it from dirt and bacteria. 

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Q&A Bridal Glow Questions

Bridal Glow Planning

Planning a wedding takes time just like having healthy skin. You must start out now with a good skin care routine so that makeup goes on smoother and you have a clearer complexion on your big day. Doing a routine with facials and at home care will become less stressful because you know you are being productive and won’t have to rush to help your skin.

Bridal Beauty

Blemishes have many causes but the most common causes are bad skin care and stress. I know it hard to lower your stress during your wedding planning but there are ways to reduce your stress.

Blemishes are inflammation of the sebaceous gland which are located at the root of the hair follicle in the dermis of the skin. When these ducts become clogged by oil, whiteheads and blackheads can form. Frequently they become infected with bacteria, deeper lumps and pimples.

Bad skin care can start by not washing your makeup off at the end of the day. Your skin heals itself 30% faster at night than during the day. The active ingredients in products are broken down by the sun and your skin is exposed to dirt and bacteria from the outside world. Using eye creams and a little heavier moisturizers before bed will help with your complexion and give added hydration.

Reducing stress can be hard but you need to remember to enjoy this process and to take care of yourself. Treat your to a Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone Back Treatment or our  Custom Body Scrub and Mud Body Wrap. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and plenty of water.