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The advantage to Sanitizable Bowls

With completely 100% sanitizable bowls, there is no risk of infection or cross contamination. Thrones can be a breeding ground for mycobacterium (which can produce boils), warts, hard to cure infections, athlete’s foot, and toenail fungus. Bacteria can get trapped in the pipes of the throne and not cleared effectively.  With our porcelain bowls after each client the bowl is thoroughly washed and sanitized with no possibility of cross-contamination between clients. 

Why do we use porcelain bowls instead of pedicure thrones?

Here at the Calla Lily, we don't use pedicure thrones. Why? Our Building is a 1923 Sears catalog home, which limits our space as well as plumbing and electrical requirements. We LOVE the historic quaintness of our spa, so we have chosen to use porcelain bowls that are fully sanitizable over thrones as not to put extra strain on the structure of our historic building.